Weekend update


Due to the outpouring of support we saw last week we thought it would be fitting to get a head start on finalizing our mass production plans, so we headed to the PCB manufacturing facility! Ensuring that our design files and test procedure are well understood by the manufacturer are very important for building a quality a product. As an additional measure, we have started securing many of what we considered to be medium and high risk components for our pre-production and production runs.

Lastly, we’re still accepting your feature requests for the bladeRF. Some of the definite design changes we will incorporate thus far include:

  • Adding more GPIO pins, including bring out many LVDS pairs underneath the board
  • Adding more LEDs
  • Adding additional routing options for the SMB port
  • Improving the clocking architecture by allowing the bladeRF’s clock to be GPS-disciplined

There are several other upgrades in the works that will be announced shortly as wellimage-211121-full