bladeRF Installers


This installer includes libbladeRF, the bladeRF-cli, drivers, and support for MATLAB® & Simulink®.

The latest "stable" installer version is always referenced by this link: bladeRF-win-installer-latest.exe

Below are the latest available installers. Versions marked "alpha" and "beta" generally include more recent features and fixes.
You can find installation instructions here.

Current installer: bladeRF-win-installer-2019.07.exe

Previous installers are listed below for historical purposes. As more recent installers have included fixes and improvements, you generally will want to use a newer version listed above.
  • The instructions for the 2015 installers may be found here.
  • As of the 2014-11-rc3 release, the installer follows the release version number, rather than using a separate X.Y notation.
  • The instructions for installers prior to the 2014.11 release may be found here.

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