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2015.01-rc2 Update

A 2015.01-rc2 release candidate has been posted to GitHub.

This update includes a number of libbladeRF fixes and improvements, as well as a few minor bladeRF-cli fixes. Next week we’ll post an updated beta Windows installer and update the Ubuntu PPA.

Thanks to the efforts and suggestions by Cosmin from Null Team and YateBTS, the issue of devices requiring power-on-resets (on some USB 3.0 controllers) after an application exits without closing a bladeRF device handle has been resolved! To GNU Radio Companion users affected by this issue, this means the bladeRF should now happily re-open and continue to operate if you use the (red X) “Kill the flowgraph” button.

To aid those debugging applications which may suppress libbladeRF’s log output to stderr, mambrus provided patches to introduce syslog support to libbladeRF, as well as to control the default verbosity level via a BLADERF_LOG_LEVEL environment variable. As noted by the libbladeRF, syslog can be enabled at compile-time by passing DENABLE_LIBBLADERF_SYSLOG=ON to CMake. This functionaliy is not enabled by default, as to remain consistent with previous versions.

Some additional libbladeRF fixes have resolved some unintended attenuation in the bladeRF’s normal tuning range when using the XB-200 (i.e., with the XB-200 mixer in bypass mode). Another libbladeRF fix addresses some noticeable spectral images that could be observed prior to running any of the LMS6002D DC calibration routines.

While working on his Haskell bindings, victoredwardocallaghan identified and provided a fix for some bladeRF-cli documentation build issues on NixOS. Arch Linux users may have also experienced this when building the bladeRF-cli interactive help and manual page. Should anyone continue to see issues here, please let us know via the issue tracker.

As always, thank you to everyone on #bladeRF (Freenode), the Nuand forums, GitHub, etc., (and whomever I inevitably forgot to thank above) who has kindly offered suggestions/fixes, advice, and reported issues. It’s a huge help, and we really appreciate it!

– Jon (jynik)