Interested in working on Software Defined Radios either full-time or part-time? Please reach out, or send a resume to [email protected] !

Currently looking for engineers to continue developing a Software Defined Radio platform. Tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Adding new VHDL and C API features to expand radio platform capabilities. Ability to write good VHDL, C, and Python required.
  • Developing new HDL and soft modems to run on AD9361 based bladeRF 2.0 micro software defined radio. As an example, take a look at the bladeRF-wiphy project.
  • Experience developing RTL (VHDL/Verilog) systems and meeting timing closure
  • Familiarity with either embedded systems, FPGAs, and RF transceivers
  • Basic Digital Signal Processing understanding would be very helpful, intermediate to expert DSP -understanding beneficial.
  • Experience with Component Selection, Schematic Capture, and PCB Layout preferred

Familiarity with tools and concepts:

  • OFDM, BPSK, QPSK, QAM, Multipath, ISI, Pulse shaping
  • Development tools: Altera Quartus, Xilinx ISE, vim, git, Eclipse, JTAG, Modelsim,
  • Network protocols: Ethernet, BlueTooth, 802.11
  • FPGA interfaces: LVDS, JESD204b, PCIe, USB3.0, Wishbone, RGMII, SGMII
  • RF ICs: AD9361, AD9364, AD9371, ADRV9009, etc
  • Languages: C, C++, Python
  • GNURadio, MATLAB, Octave