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We are preparing for a stable release 1 at the end of summer. In preparation of this we are planning on releasing the first release candidate during the 4th of July weekend and the second sometime in late August. The lastest information can be found directly on out Github milestine tracker,

The main oustanding ask for the feature release are:

  • Adding flexible timestamp support directly to the library
  • Finalizing XB-100 and XB-200 board support
  • Completing automated (IQ and DC) calibration for the LMS

The absolutely most important thing we want to accomplish with these upcoming releases is to create an SDR that can double as a calibrated high-quality test equipment.

Lastly, the cases are now in stock and we should be caught back up on the transverter backlog sometime in the last week of this month or so. Please ensure that if you have receuved an address verification address email from us that you respond to it; orders prior to March 2014 will recive this email. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.