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2014.11 Release

The 2014.11 release has been posted to GitHub.

This release is intended to be a relatively stable point for package maintainers and application developers to base their work upon.

As noted on the aforementioned release page, some important fixes have been included:

  • libbladeRF now waits for SPI flash autoloading to complete when opening a device. This requires FX3 Firmware v1.8.0. If you’re using flash-based FPGA autoloading, you may be interested in trying out host-based FPGA autoloading.
  • FPGA v0.1.2 includes fixes in timestamp functionality.
  • An issue causing SPI flash corruption when using libusb with the WinUSB driver has been addressed. Some users encountered this with the 2014.11-RC3 installer and had to recover from the bootloader.

As denoted by the libbladeRF version bump to v1.0.0, the API is now being treated as “stable,” meaning that its users can operate under the assumption that no further reverse-incompatible changes will be made within the 1.x.x series. There are no plans to introduce any changes that would warrant a version bump to 2.x.x in forseeable future.

libbladeRF 1.0.0 API documentation has been uploaded to the Nuand website, and is linked from the Support page. This Support page link will be updated with each successive libbladeRF update, but older documentation will remain on the site for reference.

The Windows installer and its associated instructions have been updated. The Ubuntu PPA has also been updated, thanks to Ryan!

For those looking to contribute, a few helpful documents have been added to the source tree:

As always, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed bug reports, fixes, feedback, and suggestions. It is greatly appreciated!

– Jon (jynik)