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Retrieving your bladeRF calibration data


If you have accidentally erased your VCTCXO calibration after running kalibrate-bladeRF you can now automatically retrieve your unit’s factory calibration value through our online tool. The tool and instructions can be found at . To retrieve your calibration value you will need your serial number. The simplest way to retrieve your bladeRF’s serial number is to probe the device from the command line by running bladeRF-cli -p.

$ bladeRF-cli -p
 Backend: libusb
 Serial: f12ce1037830a1b27f3ceeba1f521413
 USB Bus: 4
 USB Address: 8


Once the system retrieves your calibration value, you will have to write it back to your bladeRF using bladeRF-cli. The flash_init_cal command takes two arguments, the variant of your bladeRF (x40 or x115) and the calibration value.

The calibration retrieval tool will automatically prepare the flash_init_cal command for your device. For example, serial number f12ce1037830a1b27f3ceeba1f521413 corresponds to a bladeRF x40 with a factory VCTCXO calibration value of 0x7a69. The tool automatically prepared the commands to calibrate the device:

$ bladeRF-cli -i
 bladeRF> flash_init_cal 40 0x7a69

Please see the the sample serial number calibration retrieval for more information,