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The bladeRFs are almost here!


We’ve continued expanding bladeRF’s software support, so by the time you start receiving your units there should be a pretty seamless bladeRF experience! We’ve received word from our contract manufacturer that the boards will be assembled and tested between June 28th and July 1st. Once we pick up the units, we will quickly run them through a second round of calibrations, pack them up, and finally mail them out!


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Update (6/14)


We have received word that we will be receiving units the week of June 26th. We’ve been preparing our backend for this, so we will send everyone instructions on providing us with your shipping addresses tomorrow. Just as a note, everyone’s units will ship roughly on the same day.

Lastly, we pushed a lot of code to our Github ( ) this week. So look forward to our GNURadio block being committed by the end of this weekend!

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Code and other updates


We pushed a lot of code to our Github ( ) this past week, but we still have a lot left to release. As the software development wraps up, we will begin to focus much more on tutorials and documentation for the platform.

We also got our hands on an Agilent EXA which complements our MXA’s functionality quite well, so expect to see some interesting measurements and captures by this time next week! Lastly, we were informed by our manufacturer that we would be told the exact production run completion date around June 17; things are still on track for being assembled before the end of this month.