Weekly update


A community member who goes by handle Acceleron uploaded designs for a case for the bladeRF to thingiverse this past week ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:137021 ). We also uploaded the mechanical DXF files to bladeRF to our site in case anyone would like to get specific measurements of the board, https://nuand.com/bladerf_top.dxf .

We spent a great deal of time integrating our libusb changes into our master branch this past week. From all of the regression testing we have done, libusb support seems to be stable and working pretty well on Linux. There are a few Github issues regarding OSX and Windows that are being worked out this week, so hopefully by the next update we’ll have good news for all three platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX). Libusb and OsmoSDR support is on its way but we still suggest that users use the Linux driver until the libusb async support that has been added is made to work with OsmoSDR.

Lastly, if you haven’t received your unit and haven’t yet placed an order claiming your reward please look through the Kickstarter messages we sent a while ago to see how to go about this process.