bladeRF x115 $780.00
SKU: BRF-115

The bladeRF x115 comes with a larger 115KLE Cyclone IV FPGA that provides additional room for hardware accelerators and signal processing chains including FFTs, Turbo Decoders, transmit modulators/filters, and receive acquisition correlators for burst modems.

bladeRF x115 THERMAL $1,730.00

The bladeRF x115 Thermal is functionally identical to the bladeRF x115. The units feature improved temperate grade components that make them more suitable for operating in thermally challenging environments.

LF/MF/HF/VHF transverter $250.00
SKU: XB-200

The XB-200 is a block up-down converter that greatly expands the bladeRF’s usable frequency range down, making the platform suitable for HF/VHF applications. [Compatible only with bladeRF 1.0 x40 and x115]