More bladeRFs and tutorials


We shipped nearly 230 boards this past week! Surprisingly, the most time intensive part of the whole order fulfillment process, besides testing and calibrating each unit is actually boxing and shipping the units. We have received additional help so when we get the next batch of 100 units we will ship them all out within a day or two instead of taking a whole week.

If you are curios to experiment with the build environments, our Github ( ) now has tutorials and instructions for building all of the software and HDL parts of bladeRF. (Picture guides are coming soon!)

The Linux driver is nearly complete and stable; several important concurrency patches will be committed by the end of the weekend that will address issues some of you may have experienced. Also, we are now planning on including additional Linux support by using libusb, this will also allow us to quickly port the code to Windows and OSX. The Linux driver will still continue to exist as our default Linux support because of the incredibly low SDR latencies we can achieve with it and the bladeRF. Preliminary testing has shown that we can easily go below 10us!

Lastly, here is a picture of the last 70 units before they were shipped.