2015.07 Release

The 2015.07 release is available on GitHub.

This release includes some bug fixes and cleanup since the 2015.06-rc1 release. If you haven’t checked it out already, see the 2015.06-rc1 release blog post for some detailed information about tuning-time improvements, scheduled and quick retune functionality, and NIOS II software redesign. FPGA v0.3.4 is included in this release, so be sure to great the latest and greatest from the FPGA downloads page.

Per request, one handy little addition was introduced into libbladeRF — the ability to specify the device to open via a subset of its serial number. This makes life a bit easier for folks using multiple devices with the bladeRF-cli or GNU Radio. As of gr-osmosdr changeset 86ad584, one can use either the “instance” number or the first few characters of the serial number to specify the device to open.

For example, to transmit from one bladeRF with a serial number f12ce1037830... to a second bladeRF with serial number ef6f831d4e4e...:

$ osmocom_fft -a "bladerf=f12" -s 20M -f 910M &
$ osmocom_siggen -a "bladerf=ef6" -s 20M -f 910M --2tone -x 1.25M -y 2.5M &

– Jon (jynik)