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Weekly update (3/8)


We have spent the past week tracking packages, sourcing components with longer lead times, and preparing purchase orders. There don’t appear to be any supply chain issues that would affect any of the runs. We hope to have a clear idea for when the pre-production run will happen as soon as our funds are released and our purchase orders are placed. Additionally, some of our bulk accessory purchases have started coming in, so we will begin sending out the beta units shortly.

Lastly, we have gone ahead and incorporated some of your feedback into our design. There was some concern over the quality of the clock feeding the LMS’s data converters so we uprgaded the Si5330 to an Si5338 so that we could have a use it as an ultra low jitter PLL. The upgrade should greatly improve the system’s SNR. We have also added additional GPIO and an SMA port for synchronization.

Next week will be similar to this week as we will be spending most our time acquiring components.