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  • bladeRF case

    bladeRF case


    A clear PolyCarbonate case for the bladeRF.

  • bladeRF

    bladeRF x40


    The bladeRF x40 is a low-cost USB 3.0 Software Defined Radio. The 40KLE option makes the bladeRF the essential low-cost RF transceiver kit for both hobbyists, and RF enthusiasts.

  • bladeRF

    bladeRF x115


    The bladeRF x115 comes with a larger 115KLE Cyclone IV FPGA that provides additional room for hardware accelerators and signal processing chains including FFTs, Turbo Decoders, transmit modulators/filters, and receive acquisition correlators for burst modems.

  • bladeRF

    bladeRF x115 Thermal (-40C to 85C)


    The bladeRF x115 Thermal is functionally identical to the bladeRF x115. The units feature industrial temperate grade components that make them suitable for operating in thermally challenging environments between -40C and 85C.

  • xb100_angle

    GPIO expansion board


    The XB-100 expansion board turns the bladeRF into an FPGA development board by breaking out all of the expansion header GPIO pins to LEDs, push buttons, and 0.1″ headers.

  • Transverter

    LF/MF/HF/VHF transverter


    The XB-200 is a block up-down converter that greatly expands the bladeRF’s usable frequency range down, making the platform suitable for HF/VHF applications.