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Discussions related to modulation techniques, filtering, error correction and detection, wireless link layer implementations, etc

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The DSP lounge

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We hope this place will provide a place for digital signal processing theory related discussions that are SDR agnostic. Anything related to signal processing be it sampling, modulation schemes, calibration techniques, error detection and correction, wireless PHYs, book and article recommendations are highly encouraged.
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Re: The DSP lounge

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Well you can't beat Richard Lyon's DSP book for an introduction. Had an opportunity to take his short course about 14 years ago, then finally bought the book about 3 years ago and read it cover to cover. I wish I had this before Oppenheim and Schafer in grad school. Clear explanations of sampling, filtering, decimation/interpolation, FFT, etc. without the clutter of endless Z transforms. ... +lyons+dsp
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