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Basic usage for bladerf_sink and bladerf_source in Simulink

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:05 am
by fumiko

What kind of data can I use bladerf_{sink, source} and bladerf_dev ?

There are three modules in Simulink, bladerf_sink, bladerf_source, and bladerf_dev.

The bladerf_dev module uses int16_t for calling bladerf_sync_tx and bladerf_sync_rx functions in bladerf_dev.cpp,
however the bladerf_sink module uses uint16_t for calling bladerf_sync_tx function in bladerf_sink.cpp.
The bladerf_source uses uint16_t for receiving data from bladerf_sink_rx function.

I think each function needs the different data from Simulink.
Does anybody teach me examples for three functions ?

There are Simulink's pre-build code in Nuand's github. ... rf_dev.cpp ... f_sink.cpp ... source.cpp