Determining Maximum Sample Rate

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Determining Maximum Sample Rate

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I am pretty new to SDRs and am using one as part of a school research project. My background is in physics so I am learning alot of cool new things with the bladeRF. I am using a BladeRF 2.0 A4. My project is mainly focused on GPS positioning and simulation, however right now I am trying to see what maximum sample rates I can get before underrun/overrun. Could anyone give a quick explination on what underrun means and how it may manifest? I am following the tutorial found here: ... u-system-1

I have a few questions.

1) When changing the GPIO it changes the RX MUX between baseband samples and 32 bit internal counter. What are the differences between these.
For instance when I use the baseband I get gaps on the order of 20968351, however I get no gaps when using the 32 bit internal counter. What is this technique doing or measuring?
2) When receiving samples the amount of errors is measured in "gaps", could anyone provide me a ballpark of what is a reasonable amount of gaps?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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