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I was trying to run the Python example under windows environment, but it always give me the error message "cannot load library '': error 0x7e. Additionally, ctypes.util.find_library() did not manage to locate a library called ''. Could you help to give me some guidance that how to install the library in the windows?

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Re: error

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Are you running Python for win64 directly or is it running on WSL or in Cygwin?
It appears that what you may be trying to use is Linux userspace spaced meaning that Linux shared object files (.so)s should be used.
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Re: error

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I was trying to run python for win64 using the programs uploaded at Located in there is the following call: libbladeRF = ffi.dlopen(""). A complete computer search on my hard drive for resulted in nothing. Searching the internet for this file came up with the question posed by jzyy2003. Can you tell me how to locate this so file and load it onto my windows operating system?

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