"Operation timed out" issue when running bladeRF with srsRAN software

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"Operation timed out" issue when running bladeRF with srsRAN software

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So I am currently using the bladeRF as the RF front-end device for the base station of the srsRAN software in Ubuntu 18.04.5. I am trying to transmit over air and can run the software just fine. Everything initializes and starts up but after a few seconds, my terminal reads these error messages...

/home/ctaintern/srsRAN/lib/src/phy/rf/rf_blade_imp.c.447: RX failed: Operation timed out; nsamples=11520;
/home/ctaintern/srsRAN/lib/src/phy/rf/rf_blade_imp.c.532: TX failed: Operation timed out
/home/ctaintern/srsRAN/lib/src/phy/rf/rf_blade_imp.c.532: TX failed: Invalid operation or parameter

These errors repeat over and over again forever until I close the program. It seems like many others are also having a similar issue with the bladeRF timing out but I have not been able to find much documentation on the actual fixes for it. Just in case anyone asks, here is the print out when I type "bladeRF-cli -i version"

bladeRF-cli version: 1.8.0-git-29455d29
libbladeRF version: 2.4.0-git-29455d29

Firmware version: 2.4.0-git-a3d5c55f
FPGA version: 0.11.1 (configured by USB host)

I cannot seem to pinpoint where the issue is coming from. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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